NASA Enters Ultra-High-Def Video View of the Sun


Thanks to NASA, you’ll be able to currently sit back, close up the lights, and revel in mind-blowing views of space. The agency recently discharged many HD videos, as well as half-hour of beautiful footage of the sun.

The video begins with an outline of however NASA’s star Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mission compiled the footage:

Every 12 seconds, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory images the sun in 10 wavelengths of invisible ultraviolet light. Each wavelength is assigned a unique color and every image is eight times the resolution of HD video. A team of media specialists works about 10 hours to create one minute of this footage.

That means it took a banging three hundred hours to complete this 30-minute, 4K-resolution video. Look at the footage, above, for a read of the sun you’ve got ne’er experienced before. It’ll positively cause you to go:

 Ultra-High-Def Video View of the Sun

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