Fuss Around Missing Victoria’s Secret Butt Cheek

Victoria's Secret is facing a backlash once posting a photograph of a model with one butt cheek missing as a result of a failing Photoshop work.

Is Victoria’s Secret currently angling its Facebook fans with intentional Photoshop fails?
Some appear to assume therefore, once the nightclothes whole denote a photograph of a model WHO has clearly suffered the digital removal of a butt cheek. Eyebrows were significantly raised during this state of affairs once VS captioned the photo: “Truly. Madly. Cheeky.”

Victorias Secret original fail image

The picture was denote approach back on Sept. 25, although criticism of it’s gained momentum in recent days. It’s tempting to suppose VS simply hasn’t detected the complaints – but that is not the case. The complete has older one comment within the thread, and it had been denote earlier in the week (a product grievance, because it turns out).

VS clearly not inclined to require the image down, or perhaps address it, the burden has shifted to Facebook users, one among that took the time to truly fix the image (see below) — giving the model a full set of butt cheeks once more. That is referred to as battling Photoshop with Photoshop.

Victoria's Secret fixed photo

Could or not it’s as a result of Victoria’s Secret is angling Facebook Associate in Nursing Twitter users and it absolutely was an intentional Photoshop failing job to urge individuals observe its new product? In any case, unhealthy message continues to be message.

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