Kylie Jenner and Tyga Relashionship is Over

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have split once over a year of dating, informing us from multiple sources.
Kylie Jenner and Tyga Break Relashionship


Kylie, 18, was notably absent the rapper’s twenty sixth party once she flew back from her trip to Australia with sister Kendall Jenner to push their new covering line.

Tyga rang in his birthday with friends weekday at l.a. celebrity hot spot The Nice Guy.


Tyga exploit The Nice Guy in la on Nov. 19 when celebrating his birthday


Kylie Jenner appearing at LAX on Nov. 19

According to his Instagram, Tyga conjointly had a celebration planned at one OAK that evening.

Tyga shared videos and photos of his evening on his Snapchat, together with clips of him rapping on to his own songs within the club and an endeavor of him and Rod Stewart (who’s a old family friend of the Kardashians/Jenners) flashing peace signs.

Neither Jenner nor the remainder of her illustrious family took to social media to share any happy birthday messages for him.

Rumors of romance initial started whirling round the couple in fall 2014, although they unbroken their relationship covert till Tyga apparently confirmed they were along in March by posting an Instagram picture of Jenner with the caption: “Certain things capture your eye, however solely few capture the guts.”

Once Jenner turned eighteen in August, the 2 became way more open concerning their relationship and Tyga even precocious the truth star a $320,000 Ferrari for the massive birthday.

In the months since, the 2 frequently stepped out in public, with Jenner documenting abundant of their nights out (and in!) on Snapchat.

In late August, Jenner and Tyga marked within the sticky music video for Tyga’s song “Stimulated,” that he on the face of it wrote regarding their relationship.

The two have conjointly vacationed together: Tyga labeled on for Jenner’s birthday celebration together with her girlfriends in Mexico in August, and shortly subsequently he joined the Kardashian/Jenner women throughout a family vacation to St. Barts.

In a Monday post on her web site and app, Jenner detached regarding however she feels regarding geological dating and relationships, tho’ she did not mention Tyga’s name.

“I’m not afraid to indicate who I am dating, however I am additionally not near to point out each very little detail of my relationship,” she said, adding that she’s “always been a relationship girl” and “never believed within the plan of casual dating or being with 2 individuals right away.”

“I feel like I have space for one person in my heart and that I need to present whoever I am with all the eye they merit,” she said.

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