Teenagers are Terrorizing the Walter White’s House by Throwing Pizzas

Oh, teens. Can you stop being thus cool and bad? Prolly, never.

Walter White

According to Vince Gilligan on the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, teens ar still throwing pizzas on Walter White’s roof. Sadly, Walter White of Breaking Bad isn’t the one suffering the punk consequences.

Instead, a pleasant girl, Fran, and her husband do. They are pretty over laundry pizza pie crust off their metropolis home. The Huffington Post had the within scoop-er, slice:

Jackie Sandoval is the co-owner of Breaking Bad RV Tours, along with her husband Frank. The couple is close with [Fran and her husband] and it’s been Frank’s job at times to scrape and scrub the unwelcome pizzas. “Frank had to remove three pizzas off of their roof that some teenagers had thrown on it a few weeks ago,” Jackie Sandoval said.

“As far as Vince’s warning goes, it’s working for the normal fan base, but what we’ve found is that the younger crowd are the ones doing it, just for kicks,” she told us. “There have been at least six instances since Vince put the warning out.”

Please simply go smoke cigarettes in a very mall automobile parking space like all the cool youngsters do, teens. Or eat the dish. Stop wasting fine pizzas. One day, you will be too stony-broke to try and do that.

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